Brilliant Web 2.0 presentation at Bloggers Indaba

I’ve been a lazy blogger. Bad blogger! bad, bad blogger!

Yesterday, Vincent Maher raised the bar with an unbelievable presentation (Needs Flash) at the Bloggers indaba in Grahamstown on Web 2.0 on Thursday. We all remember Lawrence Lessig’s brilliant presentation delivered at the launch of Creative Commons in Johannesburg last year, which raised the bar for us all in my sick mind… but this, homegrown effort, takes it further in my mind.

Done in Flash, it had sci-tech, gothic movie-like quality to it and brought home an emotive, intellectual and concise description of Web 2.0. Whether you like the term or not or whether you think the motives for this term are despicable (make lots of money), you have to agree that the web of now is different from the web of five years ago… so why not have a term that encapsulates this and promotes a new way of thinking on the web. Yes, “Web 2.0” actually existed long before the term, as did blogging exist before it was “blogging”

… but a term is useful to package ideas and thoughts around a concept and phenomenon.

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