Coolest gig of the month

Went to the first ever Creative Commons Salon in Johannesburg, Melville, organised by Heather Ford and co.

For the Creative Commons movement, the ‘remix’ has become one of the most powerful tools of the digital age. But they say the legal barriers to taking an established image or concept and mixing it up for a fresh take have become a hurdle for creativity — leaving those with the most power and wealth the only ones who are able to take the legal risk. (Could that also include established media companies, Heather? 😉 ). So, Creative Commons are fighting for a new licencing regime because the old copy right rules just don’t cut it in the collaborative, open source digital era.

It was a pretty cool gig, the wine was in bottles not boxes, and we were treated to some mash ups (see CC Mixter) and a demonstration by local multimedia artist Nathaniel Stern who demonstrated some remixes of a video that he did when attending the iCommons Summit in Brazil, showing the Brazilian Minister of culture drinking a literal and metaphorical free beer.

I’ve been thinking this for a long time — and I must say that given the savvy of Brazil with regards to its high level support of the Creative Commons movement and alternative fuel substitutes such as ethanol, and the general stability, peace and direction of the country — it by far get’s coolest nation status in my eyes. What’s it like to live there, I wonder?

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