I digress.

Now everyone who’s been to our house know that we have the faultiest, craziest dog known to man. Edie is adoreable but has way too much excess energy. This apparently is common to the Weimaraner breed. So I guess its extra bad luck if your energetic, A-type Weimaraner has an energetic, A-type personality to go with her energetic, A-type disposition.

So anyway, her (actual) brother “Hunter” lives on a farm outside Grahamstown. We got wind that the dog was about to be shot (its tough on a farm) because the dog killed not one, but two impala. I mean what kind of a dog kills two big buck?

So being the kind souls that we are…  Hunter — the impala murderer — will be joining his frenetic sister on Tuesday in Johannesburg, our house as his new home. I am hoping their energy will cancel each other out.

God help us in Linden.