The changing web

At KUGM Online Marketing conference in Rosebank

Never met Vinny Lingham before, although heard about him and know about Incubeta, the company he runs. It’s a successful, savvy South African online company which has most of its business and customers overseas, playing in the affiliate space. They are pay per click and google junkies — they’d probably say the kind of advertising we do in the “traditional” online media space is tired and old fashioned. Although we are embracing both models, to some extent.

He lamented the skills shortage in SA that is holding back development of the internet, which is correct — but I wouldn’t overstate this. He says that senior management in many companies have not yet bought into online. I’d agree with him to some extent, but believe that this is changing. I am noticing more and more noise in the online media space particualrly, including the recent launch, the 365 acquisition by Primedia — and I know other online media companies are also sorting themselves out in a big way, right at the top.

I heard lots of buzzwords and his presentation which was largely an overview of the recent trends and technologies on the web, such as Ajax, social bookmarking etc etc… it was a little unfocused, but nevertheless interesting to get his take on it and to get an overview. I still think I hate the term web 2.0, although admittedly it does capture a new kind of movement on the web. I don’t quite agree with his issues with flash — I think flash will eventually be searchable and increasingly accessible… compare flash today with its handling of text to flash five years ago? Also with broadband, flash download issues will become irrelevant. But he is right — don’t go too overboard with flash on your websites now, especially in South Africa.

We, at M&G Online, have just implemented and technorati …and I am not sure to what extent our readers get it, but its there for the savvier readers and we are guessing that more and more readers will become attuned to it so it will catch on.

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