Interesting people in NYC

While in New York I briefly met a few people involved in the online industry in my last few days there. I met some interesting people like Michael Sharon, formerly from South Africa and no relation to Ariel, who is creating a mobile-related social networking service. I met him via the Geeklist and went to check out his offices near Union Square. He put me in touch with a couple of people including James G. Robinson of the New York Times web edition, where I had a look at their offices off Times Square. It was pretty impressive with a dedicated staff for their online operation of more than 200 people. I also went and checked out a course, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), at NYU at the Tisch School of Arts — where I met up with Shawn van Every, a media researcher there, who showed me around. There is some pretty innovative stuff with technology and design happening at ITP. Also met up with Heath Row from, an innovative social networking site that appears to be doing very well, for a couple of beers to chat about online the US. Lastly I met with Jay Rosen for coffee at a Star Bucks, who is an associate journalism professor at NYU who also runs the famous Press Think blog. That’s all I had time for!

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