IIE/Goldman Sachs Global Leaders

At the International Institute of Education’s (IIE) Global Leaders event yesterday in New York, sponsored by Goldman Sachs, we addressed about 50 or so university students, handpicked as achievers from all around the world — including one student that had already sold his online business to a big corporate for millions. I’ll probably be working for one of these guys soon!

On the panel was Ben Hammersley from the Guardian and Stephan Richter from the Globalist. It was a nice group of students and the room was buzzing with an amazing energy that I haven’t experienced in a while. There were students from Japan, UK, Australia, all over Europe, India, Brazil and also South Africa and ofcourse the US where the event was being held. The three from South Africa including one from Cape Town, KZN and another from Wits. I had a chat to one from KZN and it was nice to hear a familiar accent.

The students showed an excellent understanding and sensitivity to the subject we were speaking on, “Online Journalism”, even though it wasn’t in their field of specialisation and direct interest. The questions were excellent and some pretty incisive for a field not familiar to many of them.

I think it is an excellent initiative which IIE and Goldman Sachs have initiated… the networking potential of it for the students is very powerful — and this is the kind of thing that breaks down global cultural barriers and creates understanding…

Well done to Mary McBride of the IIE and her team!