Soccer in NYC

Me watching soccer world cup final in a pub yesterday in Greenwich, Manhattan

If New York is anything to go by, then Americans love soccer.

The sport is much bigger than I expected it would be. In fact this world cup i suspect may have been something of a watershed for the sport here and this world cup has probably been bigger than ever for the US. Pubs were packed for the world cup final — almost everywhere we went. Even though the US wasn’t playing in the final we saw the streets Greenwich village (Downtown Manhattan) packed with supporters and colours of either Italy or France. It has probably has something to do with the expat communities here as well as the Italian heritage of many New Yorkers, but more to do with the growing popularity of the sport here.

The world cup final was the lead sports story on all the main channels, CBS, NBC, ABC etc etc.. Also — the World Cup aside, I saw a local soccer game broadcast on ABC (I think it was ABC) between New York and Los Angeles…

So it appears to be a big sport here! Contrary to what is thought.