Sore feet

Bridge in Central Park

Bridge and I were walking just behind Ethan Hawke outside the MTV studios on Times Square, yesterday. It was weird to see someone you see on the big screen in real life. I thought he’d have at least ten bodyguards, but he was with a small, short brunette who was getting him lost. I wanted to call out and ask him if he enjoyed his recent stay in South Africa… but… too late… moment lost…

If you are staying in the Tribeca area, I seriously recommend a restuarant there called The Soda Shop in Chamers street, just near the subway. Good food and environment.

We also checked out the USS Intrepid, a big WW2 retired air craft carrier now serving as a museum. There was a good space exhibit, which also had something on Mike Melville who piloted the first privately funded spaceflight — no mention of him being South African though. To top it off we also did a short walk through a retired BA concorde plane and a WW2 growler-class submarine.

Then it was a boat ride around Manhattan, which gave us good views of the Statue of Liberty… I couldn’t help myself — as we got nearer I felt my finger press the button on my camera, which took a photograph. Completely against my will. Now I have a statue of Liberty photograph. I am a tourist.

Then it was off to the Upper East Side, Sex in the City Tv programme district, where we caught some comedy at the Comic Strip, where Chris Rock, Seinfeld, Adam Sandler were discovered. Generally everyone was hilarious, except for one woman who was terrible. She was so terrible she turned hostile towards her audience… big mistake: there’s one of you and 40 of us. It turned ugly.

Today we did a picnic in Central Park… couldn’t find any wireless however :-(, but did find a loud christian charasmatic choir group and a very big and busy shooting of the TV series enchanted. We found our tree in the end. The place was crawling with people. Thank god it’s a big place.

Tonight we gonna hook up with an old friend from Rhodes, Ross Scheepers who is staying in Brooklyn. He’s going to take us to either an Ethopian or Mexican restaurant. My feet are sore.

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  1. Porks wrote::

    Hey bru,

    I sat next to Ethan Hawke at the Arnmchair theatre when we went to see Freshly Ground!

    Later dog,

    Tuesday, July 25, 2006 at 1:20 am #
  2. matt wrote::

    i know it was your story i wanted to relate to him…. but i just couldnt find the words… .. jeeez

    Saturday, August 5, 2006 at 7:17 am #