Monthly Archives: August 2009

The surprising science of motivation

Fascinating TED talk on what motivates people in companies, challenging traditional notions of management. Very relevant to many online companies who are looking at building new and different cultures. (via Wendy Robb @ 20fourlabs)

Media? What's that?

There is so much confusion on the future of media, journalism and news — demonstrated with utmost clarity (or lack thereof) here in a Spiegel interview with Chris Anderson, Wired editor and respected author of the Long Tail. In a fairly grumpy interview, Anderson himself seems to get confused — at first refusing to use […]

Bloggers now eligible for major journalism award

Just been informed that bloggers are eligible for the prestigious Webber Wentzel Legal Journalist of the Year award. They’re opening entries to bloggers “in recognition of just how important the blogspace has become in shaping opinion and providing analysis on matters legal…” Off the top of my head I can think of one candidate in […]

Matthew 1, Hackers 0

UPDATE: Here is a good plugin to help you change and manage your wp-admin blog details. Also see this useful blog post “11 Vital Tips and Hacks to Protect Your WordPress Admin Area“. So my site was hacked. What a frustrating experience. I had to live with that rather melodramatic Google malware message splashed across […]

Furious MXIT lashes out at media

MXIT is a world-wide mobile instant messaging tool (now evolving into a social network) with around 15-million users (claimed). It’s based in South Africa but has offices around the world and substantial numbers in countries like the Phillipines. Every time there is an incident via their platform, journalists with scant understanding of the technology tend […]

District 9: Spaceships over Soweto

I, like any normal, rational person, thought that this was a hoax. But it’s not. This is an upcoming movie about aliens landing in Johannesburg by local director Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson. There is obviously a strong metaphorical link to Apartheid and perhaps the recent Xenophobic violence in this country. It also shows that […]

10 questions for new Google SA head: Stephen Newton

New Google SA Head Stephen Newton (Credit: FM Tech). Stephen Newton is the country’s new Google head. He’s an American who has been living in the UK. He’s now based in Johannesburg, heading up the local Google office. He studied as a lawyer, has previously been the GM of Hitwise UK, a Vice President at […]