Monthly Archives: July 2009

Stylin' through the mother city with Audi

Big up to Joe Botha and Chris Rawlinson (aka I did an “advanced” driving course) for putting this fun shindig together. The idea was to drive a variety of Audis (a Q5, A4, A6, TT, R8 to be precise) across beautiful Cape Town, with a social media twist. It was to be tweeted, blogged, Facebooked, […]

HTC confirms August Android Market launch in SA

As predicted by Ron Bach on the 20FourLabs blog, the Android market will soon be launched here. Leaf International Communications, the distributor of HTC in South Africa has confirmed the Android Market, Google’s mobile application directory, will be available to South African users from August 2009. “HTC was the first to launch Android-based handsets in […]

You can't wrap fish & chips in pixels

This is the second Prezi presentation I’ve done, first introduced to me by Phil Barrett of Flow Interactive via a post on Life Hacker. This one was for Th!nkFest at the National Arts Festival. I owe the title (or is it that I owe him one?) to Tony Lankester, the Festival CEO. It’s a look […]

Web development: The great convergence myth

I’ve always learnt that converged systems are the best way to go. In theory they are: An integrated site should ultimately allow you to do more with your site’s content and resources. It should save you time because you are not going backwards and forwards trying to get one Content Management System (CMS)* to speak […]

A collection of quality articles on the future of journalism and media

Some good reads on the future of journalism and media: News Flash From the Future: What Will Journalism Look Like? Can Computer Nerds Save Journalism? The State of the Media: Not Good Don’t Let Yellow Press Standards Define the Future of Journalism The way we’ll work How to save your newspaper How Social Media is […]

Pictures from the National Arts Festival

The Village Green is the heartbeat of the National Arts Festival. This year it was moved from its traditional headquarters at Fiddler’s Green to the Rhodes University Sports field. Here are some pics: More pics here.