Monthly Archives: October 2008 Paradigm-shifting social networking

The Barack Obama website is paradigm shifting for politics online. It’s no doubt the most sophisticated political party website ever created. Apart from Obama’s social media presence, the site’s social network (or “myBo”) is particularly ground-breaking. I recently signed up to it and found it so impressive that it puts some dedicated social network […]

Google's link-tracking looks pretty evil, I'd say

Ok been meaning to blog about this for a while now, but today is the day. It’s been bugging me. Some months ago, I noticed that the links in my Google search results would occasionally change to become long, convoluted fruit salads instead of the actual web address of the site the link was pointing […]

Ten elements for your website's success

Did this presentation a while back at the Highway Africa conference. (The big numbers were a bit chopped on Slideshare, but it’s still readable.) It’s essentially a talk I gave on the ten key elements for your website business’ success. Comments welcome. The Numbers Game View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: website strategy)

Finding the SA blogger DNA have launched a nation-wide blogging survey so that the country can get a picture of what’s potting in the local blogosphere. It’s a survey for everyone: the casual bloggers, the group bloggers, the elite bloggers (who are these people??), corporate bloggers, the journalist bloggers, corporate bloggers, the everyone bloggers. The results will be published […]

Bad spelling at the BBC

Don’t you love it when the big boys cock it up. (Dedicated to Riaan Wolmarans, erstwhile editor & sub at M&G Online)

Online advertising: What media sites are earning

This is a slide from a recent Digital conference in Amsterdam. Looking mainly at newspapers, it shows growth in online advertising revenue in 2007, and demonstrates online ad revenue as a percentage of total gross revenue.

Sequoia Capital on startups and the economic downturn

This presentation from famous Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm, Sequoia Capital, is a must-see. It explains the effects of the economic downturn on venture capital and internet startups. The news obviously isn’t good, as investors will shun typically risky online startups, unless they are entities that can turn faster, if not immediate, profits. There’s quite […]

What economic downturn?

Could the online advertising industry escape these turbulent economic times relatively unscathed? Commentators say online advertising may buck an economic downturn, and – controversially – even gain from it. An article in the Financial Times notes that pressure on companies to cut costs as the economy softens could “hasten the switch in spending from traditional […]

Social media for companies: What's working?

If you want to know whose using Social Media in the corporate world, here is a list of 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action from Mashable. If that’s not enough for you, here is a further list of 130 Social Media Marketing examples from major companies. Some are surprising, for example even British […]