Monthly Archives: September 2008

Cape Talk 567 vs Joburg's 702

It’s a funny thing. I don’t know what it is about Cape Town, but politics seem very far away — even the big politics. In Joburg I’d bang my head on the door at every bad ripple in the political landscape, but somehow, in someway, it doesn’t get to you as much down south in […]

Dan Gillmor in Cape Town: Transparency is key

Pics by Tino Kreutzer Dan Gillmor, author of We Media and acclaimed citizen media advocate, was in Cape Town to speak at the University of Cape Town’s Business School about the publishing revolution of the digital age, also known as Citizen Media. Gillmor is co-founder of Dopplr, a social networking service that allows users to […]

Where they're clicking: Heat map of homepage

Below is a heatmap of the homepage, as analysed by Tim Gregory who is production manager at He ran the page through Click Density, with some interesting results…

Web technologies: Separating reality from hype

Got this interesting graph from Gartner, which puts it all in perspective. (Via Techcrunch).

Citizen journalism & the gatekeepers

As the web 2.0 movement rolled on, the excitable hype mongers were already reading media’s last rites. The zealots proclaimed that the publishing model had changed, pointing to examples like Wikipedia, and the blogging movement. It’s now all about user-generated content and the wisdom of crowds, they say. The centralised gate-keeping media model is […]

Debating online media models @ Highway Africa

Looking forward to this year’s Highway Africa conference. I’m going to enjoy debating with We the Media author and general online media guru Dan Gillmor on the topic: ‘Whose citizen journalism is it anyway?’ at the Digital Citizens Indaba. Personally, I still don’t think media get it. Look, they’re trying to be inclusive: First it […]

The meaning of life, on a supermarket shelf

While browsing the aisles of a Cape Town supermarket I came across this: (although it could be hotter)

Google Chrome first impressions: Fast, clean & not evil

Downloaded it a few minutes ago and gave it a test run. Noticed a few minor rendering glitches here and there on some sites, probably due to non-standard coding — but most sites looked perfect. It’s a basic browser with only core functionality, which I guess focuses on what needs to be done best: Browsing. […]