Monthly Archives: August 2008

New local online awards launched

The Online Publishers Association (OPA) has launched a new online award called The Bookmarks. It’s a local online award that recognises the best in creative digital media. These awards have been on the cards for a while now at the OPA (in fact three years!), so well done for getting the initiative launched! The awards […]

Excessive Absa bank charges: a whopping R517.50 for reprinting statements

I’m gobsmacked. I recently requested copies of about 18 months-worth of bank statements for one of my accounts — and for this luxury Absa charged me… wait for it… a whopping R517.50. It’s a bond account, so we’re not talking about large volumes of statements here either. It translates roughly into about R32.00 a statement! […]

Open it! Yes, everything!

I’m a bit late on my post about the Open Everything speed-geeking gig and just general geek-out at Cape Town’s Birds Boutique Cafe. I can be forgiven however: I’ve had a birthday, I’m moving house, moving city, dealing with a new born baby, buying a new car, starting a new job, and palming off my […]

Which CMS? WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

It’s the big question. I’ve had the opportunity to work with all three of these Content Management Systems (CMS) in various guises, and in my view — from a online publishing perspective — there is a clear winner. Everyone has their favourite and there will no doubt people that vehemently disagree, but hear me out. […]

aKING: Safe as Houses

Have to say: Loving local SA music at the moment. Here’s another special piece by aKING, a relatively new band formed from the old Fokofpolisiekar. They’re going for a more mainstream sound, I guess. It’s not a bad music video either… set in Cape Town, Sea Point I think? The deep vocals from Laudo Liebenberg, […]

ANC hits the campaign trail on Facebook

Looks like the country’s biggest party is eyeing the social media scene as a campaign ground. The ANC has a Facebook profile called “Anc Campaign” that is rapidly attracting friends. From a cursory glance it appears to be legit, but there have been so many spoof Facebook profiles, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. […]

Media2.egO *

Did this basic presentation at the “Advancing Web 2.0 for traditional media” conference at the Wanderers in Johannesburg (Seff Efrika), organised by Classic Events. They pulled in quite a crowd — in fact by far one of the largest I’ve been to on this subject matter in this country. That’s pretty good news for the […]

Primedia's 702 to make big web play?

Now if my sources are correct — Primedia’s 702 is about to make a big web play, which will involve extending their authoritative news brand online. It will probably entail the creation of a new top level domain and news brand, linked to 702. My guess — and this is a guess — is that […]

When is a blogger not a blogger anymore?

A post on Poynter’s e-media Tidbits by Paul Bradshaw caught my eye. It essentially captures something I’ve been mulling for a while: When is a blogger not a blogger anymore? A typical lifecycle of some successful bloggers is that they start off as small, independent, opinionated writers but then, as they get popular and their […]

Talking internet, incubators and social media with Ruben Goldberg

Ruben Goldberg, former 5fm presenter, is a classic guy. He’s always been a classic guy, but he’s now hosting a new internet show on Classic FM, called “The internet economy”. It’s worth a listen, online via the podcast or the classic way, on your wireless. Former 5FM Station Manager Nick Grubb is now the head […]

So, yes, I’m off to and moving southwards, down to Cape Town. I’ll be officially joining in September as the “GM of Publishing and Social Media” for the operation. It’s something I’m really looking forward to. The numerous sites rake in a combined local and international readership of around 3,5-million monthly users and […]

The rise of micro-blogging

Much has been written about the power of blogging. We know that the beauty of the blog is that just about anyone can be a publisher. It’s cheap and easy to publish and distribute content on the net. However, the point many commentators often miss: Not everyone is born to write. Writing a piece for […]

Congrats mom!! :-)

So proud of my mom, Janet Buckland, who scooped Woman of the Year in Cape Town last night. She received the award for her work in developing the arts and uplifting communities in the Eastern Cape via her drama company UBOM! and the dance projects she runs in the local township. UBOM! brings together actors […]