Monthly Archives: March 2008

Google not against ACAP, says CEO Eric Schmidt

The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has now issued a press release that “welcomes Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s statement supporting the aim of the Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP)”. If this confuses you, then you are probably not alone. It was under a week ago, that WAN released a terse statement calling on Google “to […]

Online media strategies & the future of print: Interview with Mags magazine

Did this interview Gareth Richards from Mags Magazine on online media… 1 Can you give me your views on how important your online presence is to the newspaper? Has it grown more quickly/slowly than the paper version? At the Mail & Guardian we are in the fortunate position where both our newspaper and website are […]

World's publishers face off against Google: It's getting ugly

I had a feeling this would be the end result. At first there was co-operation and pleasantries exchanged between the media publishers and Google, and then it all went sour. Online publishers and newspapers appear to be heading for a face-off with search engine behemoth, Google. On Thursday, online publishers and print media in the […]

Kawasaki grills Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Vista

Duncan Mcleod of Fm Tech pointed me to this funny interview between Guy Kawasaki and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. It’s worth a watch, especially when Ballmer gets on his hands and knees during the interview, searching for the DVD drive on the Mac Book air. Ballmer also fields some tough questions about Vista.

Marshall Kirkpatrick from Read Write Web to judge local blog awards

Congratulations to the SA Blog Award organisers for pulling in some big judges on the local awards this year. Getting in Marshall Kirkpatrick from Read Write Web as a judge is certainly a coup. Read Write Web is a world-famous blog that focuses on social media, web 2.0, and web technology news and analysis. The […]

The perfect Mac mini home theatre setup

I decided to take the plunge and finally upgrade my home theatre. I had three main objectives: It needed to be completely digital (no analogue connections), ie HDMI/DVI for video and optical connections for audio. It need to be a converged set up where I could view all my multimedia, including my pictures, in one […]

Nominated for an SA Blog award :-)

I love awards. Man, I love them. I see that this blog, my namesake, was nominated in the Business category for the 2008 SA Blog Awards. It would be the first blogging related award I’ve run. The previous award I won was in Grade 2 at Parkhurst Primary for coming second in a long distance […]