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The media should take note of bloggers

It’s been easy for some to dismiss the blogosphere as a fringe publishing phenomenon. Publishers, who have had a monopoly on mainstream publishing since the invention of the printing press, don’t react terribly well to competition – especially competition they can’t really get a handle on. In the wood-panelled offices on the 78th floor, you […]

Australia, not South Africa, the leading country for burglaries

And the leading country for burglaries in the world is… Not South Africa. It’s Australia. Even New Zealand appears before South Africa. See The statistics site appears to be credible and authoritative, with reviews from the BBC and NY Times and others. Looks like Clyde Rathbone better emigrate back to Durban. Ok, but let’s […]

De Lille answers bloggers, clarifies position

Good on Patricia De Lille and the ID. This is democracy in action. De Lille most likely noticed comments on the blogosphere and reports in the media about the ID leader’s initial call for government to regulate blogs. The result is that De Lille has swiftly issued another statement clarifying her position. BUT I do […]

Patricia De Lille wants govt to regulate her very own words

The Independent Democrats’ (ID) Patricia De Lille has called on government to regulate blogs in South Africa. I did a second take at the ID’s statement, it seemed so bizarre and naive. I know Patricia. I met her some years back during an informal discussion just as the ID was being launched, and she came […]

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a blog?

What is this? Can someone tell me.

Bullard has a challenge on his hands (to stay interesting)

Must not blog about Bullard… must… resist… oh well. So the blog bully has started a blog. He’s funny. I laugh with him, I laugh at him. I think he needs to get some new punch lines though. (“To busy to blog because I’m driving my X5, Can’t blog cos popping off to the Riviera […]

Surviving an online brand attack

I’m becoming a regular reader of the Quirk blog (and not just because of their recent SEO article). Here is a piece on ten practical steps a company can follow to survive an “online brand attack”. It reminds me of a time at a conference when a guy from Absa asked me — “What’s the […]

My daughter tried to upload herself

This evening, to my great irritation, a little message kept popping up on my screen. I looked down and there was my baby daughter giving the USB cord for my phone, which was still plugged into my laptop, a great big suck. As you can imagine, I whipped it out of her hands at the […]

I love strepsils

I’ve had a good run. It’s been three years, but finally the winter got me. A combine harvester just drove through my throat, attached a trailer, then drove back out again. What this means, is that are my friend.

The funny Bullard riposte

I liked Bullard’s eloquent reply on Sunday. I thought it was a hoot. I’ve said before that there is a strong baiting element to Bullard’s excellent columns. In fact every week there is a strong sarcastic and satirical edge to his writing. And just about the silliest thing a blogger can do is reply with […]

M&G Online Google's top local site?

Once again strolled on to the Quirk blog and I see that a piece by Werner De Bruin from Quirk marketing puts the Mail & Guardian Online as Google’s highest ranked local site. Well, at least at the time of this blog post. Look. Quick. Before it changes 🙂 Not sure how scientific this is, […]

The Quirky Bunch & the Master Baiter

Thought this witticism by Darren Ravens on the Quirk Marketing blog was clever: David Bullard: Master Baiter or just a Wanker?. Like Darren I also had that dirty, hollow feeling after each Bullard blog… and I strongly questioned at the time whether I should join the fray. And I stayed out of it until I […]

Guardian Unlimited launches new site

One of the world’s biggest news websites, The Guardian Unlimited, has just relaunched with a new look and feel. The new design seems to be limited mostly to the homepage and not to the articles which continue to look pretty much the way they did before. I find that strange. Maybe they are planning to […]

My day today

1. Email at M&G was down for the whole day. Yes, the whole day. It’s still down. It’s the second time it has happened. If you have any emails for me, please fax them and then I’ll courier the replies back to you. 2. Whilst driving through Melville this afternoon there was a power failure. […]

15 Startup Commandments

Found this a good read, especially in the context of creating Got it off a Facebook group. The commandments 1. Your idea isn’t new. Pick an idea; at least 50 other people have thought of it. Get over your stunning brilliance and realize that execution matters more. 2. Stealth startups suck. You’re not working […]

IT Web to pay bloggers for content

Jovan Regaseck the founder of IT Web and a man who I very much admire and respect, is quoted by Tectonic as saying: “In a state of madness (perhaps), I decided that we needed a world first. Something never done before.” It Web says it is going to pay bloggers a generous 10c per page […]

'Game on, says Bullard in blog war'

The Mail & Guardian Online, the publication which I work for, has inevitably picked up on the Bullardgate story and written what I think is a good piece on it. There has been such an overwhelming reaction from the blogosphere to the issue that I suppose it has now become news. It was written by […]

Bullard blogosphere bargraph: Now this is funny

It took me a while. (I’m slow you see). But this is funny from Ray Hartley of the Wildfrontier… and perhaps a reminder to all to keep a sense of humour during the Bullard blogosphere bunfight.

Upwardly mobile: Content on cellphones is the killer app

Since the ugly days of wap, phones have got a lot smarter and more efficient at accessing the web. Cellphone screens are getting bigger and more colourful. Screen resolutions are edging higher and internet connections becoming faster. It’s become easier to connect to the internet than ever before via your cellphone. Most cellphones now come […]

PVR – I gots me one

I got a PVR — that’s South African for TiVo. My friend Ian McDonald, a recent Cape Town emigre, finally convinced me to splurge in this thoroughly unnecessary piece of equipment. I’ve only got one TV, but because it’s a dual view they are making me pay for two, but so be it — I’ve […]