Monthly Archives: February 2007

Eish, Sunday Times Sport :-)

I was chatting to my long-term friend Lukanyo Mnyanda (of Bloomberg and previously Sunday Times/BDFM) last night and we got onto the subject of our favourite newspaper, The Sunday Times. This is not an attempt to revive my previous rather lively blog post on the issue that garnered quite a bit of comment and debate, […]

Newspapers RIP? Not really.

Duncan Mcleod from the Financial Mail wrote this doom ‘n gloom piece on the end of newspapers. It’s actually one of the better pieces I’ve read on this rather emotive and fashionable subject. He says: “Newspapers are facing the greatest threat in their 400-year history. The rise of the Internet as a publishing medium is […]

SA Blog awards, now open

The third annual SA blog awards, now open! They’ve got a great website and a cool widget. Enter now!!!

Moneyweb relaunch

One of my favourite websites, Moneyweb, has relaunched, featuring a wide-format design. Their site used to be run by, who lost the contract to do it. I like the wide-format look and the generous use of whitespace… kind of like NY Times and It’s the direction that most news sites are going. The […]

SA's online newspapers set to grow

Francois Nel from the For the Media blog pointed me towards his blog recently (pretty good, I must say). This post in particular caught my eye. He broadly examines why online newspapers in South Africa are not cracking it, compared to their world counterparts. For Francois — it’s down to leadership: It is, I would […]

M&G Online on your cellphone

M&G Online, now on your cellphone (v1.00), to get it do this once-off (R1 once off cost): SMS mg to 32368 It’ll send you a wap push, which is the easiest way to go to it and bookmark the site. Tell me what you think.

Online media is the new black

I’ve been at Mail & Guardian for a long time now, five years and counting, flying the online flag. Am blogging from our 2007 strategy conference just outside Pretoria and the change in strategic direction and thinking is significant. It started about three years ago and has built up to a crescendo here and now. […]

MK89, eish flippen fokof good

I don’t know what is about MK89 on DSTV. But it is brilliant and addictive. My van is nie Boekland nie, dis Buckland en ek is net amper ‘n rooinek. But Bridge and I are addicted to it and have started to get into Afrikaans music (yes, even Deleray Deleray). English artists are featured there […]