Monthly Archives: October 2006

Nasty hatchet job on SA's 2010 prospects

To get your blood really boiling — read this nasty, little article by Jamie Trecker on the Fox Sports website about South Africa’s 2010 world cup prospects. It mostly focuses on what a terrible country South Africa is — giving the overall impression that we are basically a hopeless bet to host the 2010 word cup, because the country is headed to doom and gloom…

Scoop: New "Web 2.0" recruitment site launches in South Africa

Here’s a scoop for ya. I’ve just been alerted to what looks like a new and pretty serious “Web 2.0” entrant in the South African web market., the site owner claims, is a web 2.0 recruitment site “packed full of all the Web 2.0 goodness you can think of including mashups with Microsoft Virtual […]

Of blogs & publishers

Did this interview with Colin Daniels, who is to present at the IFRA conference in Vienna later this year. He wanted to know about our rather basic blog-cum-forum open source system we run. • When was Blogmark started? About two years ago.   • What was the motivation behind creating a public blogging platform […]

SABC Interdict: High drama at M&G Online

Myself and the M&G Online news editor, Matthew Burbidge, were up late lastnight awaiting the verdict from an attempted SABC interdict against a 70-page report about the SABC blacklisting saga that we published on the website. Ferial Haffajee, the editor of the newspaper, was in court with M&G’s lawyers till late Saturday night/Sunday morning and […]

Is Google a monster?

On Poynter emedia tidbits on which I am a fellow contributor, the big question is asked of the mega success story, Google: “Can someone please step up and say we’re facing a monster?” It goes on, referring to the Google Youtube acquisition: “As Google continues to grow, it has shown some stripes that clash […]

We Media

Journalism on the internet is becoming a “conversation” rather than a “sermon”. Mainstream media should take note. What’s going on with the internet these days? About five years ago the chaotic internet was a relatively calm and simple place. I’d check my regular news sites, get share updates from financial sites, visit the occasional shopping […]


I write here as an out-and-out, big Survivor fan (watched all the US series) and someone very excited about the new Survivor South Africa. But it has been shocking. The host has been terrible (he can’t speak properly and my ironing board has more personality), the shows have been dreadfully boring, the quality of production […]