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Clever viral marketing campaign by Jump

Have a look at this very clever viral marketing campaign by local shopping portal website JUMP, an online, email based version of the game “Ching Chong Cha” (or Rock, Paper, Scissors”), but adapted to spread virally by challenging friends (and so spreading the JUMP brand across the net). You can challenge your friends, who can challenge their friends, who […]

Identity theft???

Got this mail today, via this blog:    On 8/28/06, matt <> wrote: > > From……: matt > Email…..: > Url…….: > > …………………………………………………. > Subject…: you stole my name > …………………………………………………. > > you are a gay you dstoll my name so change your name or ill stab your eyes out > […]

Cool newsblog by Bush radio

Thanks to Bush Radio for alerting me to their cool blog project by their trainees. It’s not quite opinion and comment, which is what we are used to getting on blogs — but they are using the blog format to publish their written news stories. A blog can be anything you want it to be — but I wonder why […]

Roll on broadband

from my column in the media, called net savvy If a survey by search engine Google is to be believed, the British apparently now spend more time on the Internet than watching television. The report, carried by news agency AFP in March this year, showed that British Internet users spend an average of 164 minutes […]


I digress. Now everyone who’s been to our house know that we have the faultiest, craziest dog known to man. Edie is adoreable but has way too much excess energy. This apparently is common to the Weimaraner breed. So I guess its extra bad luck if your energetic, A-type Weimaraner has an energetic, A-type personality to […]

Internet audience in South Africa growing

        Another of our OPA press releases, seen on a dead tree. 

South African Web 2.0 cracks a mention on CNN

Well, this is pretty impressive.  South Africa’s own Muti, a web 2.0 site, cracked a mention on CNN. The site, created by Ian Gillfillan, employs the Digg model but also shows its users where the stories are coming from on a map of the world. (Thanks to Vincent Maher for alerting me to this).

Sony Ericsson M600i

I want it.

Print vs Online: Interview with Marketing Mix

Just did this interview with Marketing Mix on the (yawn) print vs online debate…

What is your opinion on the general attitude of the newspaper industry towards the merging of online and print?

How far is SA behind (in general) when it comes to combining online and print?

What ‘cool’ things do you have on the M&G site that no one else does, and how are the ‘cool’ things working out – are people using RSS feeds etc, for example?

What are the problems/challenges facing publishers that actually want to embrace online?

Should SA publishers be worried about online? Is it a threat?

What is hampering the real growth of online at the moment?

How long do you think we have until online starts eating into circulation/ad revenue the way it has in the US and UK?

What are the next steps in terms of technology and integrating print and online that publishers need to embrace and use?

How can an online presence be using for success brand-building both for the newspaper itself as well as advertising clients?

Has online revenue started to make a positive impact on the overall bottom line?

Are clients and ad agencies geared for an online presence? If no, what needs to be done (by all parties) to ensure online ad revenue success?

What are the differences between having a print publication and an online site – ie what do publishers/journalists need to learn and understand about online in order to meet consumer expectations?

What is your opinion on citizen journalism and its part?

What do you do about premium news (subscribing mostly?) as most people won’t pay for the privilege esp as they can normally find the stories elsewhere on the internet? But how viable is free content?

Is there a threat yet to classifieds (print and online) from sites such as craigslist, and how do you combat this?

Answers over the page…..

Nifty geek culture|media|tech conference in Joburg

Says, BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering (or “unconference“) born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. Registration, admission and participation will cost you zip, zero and absolutely nothing. BarCamp JOZI ‘06 will be held at the […]

Got website, must blog!

Hmmm… IOL doesn’t quite hit the spot for me with their new blog. Not a very interesting first foray into blogging… are they giving their users an opportunity to blog? Are their big name columnists and writers blogging? Are major thought leaders blogging on the site? No — its a kind of light editorial about the daily inner workings […]

Sunday Times breaks new ground with multimedia

Cool multimedia project on 2010 cup preparations by Sunday Times and the NML guys/geniuses. This is probably the first major multimedia project by an online publisher in bandwidth-challenged South Africa of this scale? Correct me if I am wrong.    

Technology shifting power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite?

Saw Mike Stoporth’s article on Bizcom in which he had this quote from Rupert Murdoch, talking about the internet: “To find something comparable, you have to go back 500 years to the printing press, the birth of mass media – which, incidentally, is what really destroyed the old world of kings and aristocracies. Technology is […]

Major bloggers conference in South Africa

Probably Africa’s first ever major blogging conference, The Digital Citizen Indaba (DCI), will take place in South Africa on 14-15 September. The Indaba aims to bring bloggers, citizen journalists, media practitioners, industry experts, and representatives from civil society all under one roof. It will feature a diverse range of speakers and media professionals from across […]

SA online media industry "surging"

Quite a nice article in Business Report, we issued via the OPA about “Online advertising surges”… our quarterly traffic release got covered in quite a bit of media, especially traditional media… which suggests to me that online is quite the hot topic at the moment… It’s no secret that after being one of the pioneer […]

Geek out

Had new media gurus Vincent Maher and Colin Daniels over for supper at our place in Linden on Sunday Night who were up from Rhodes in Grahamstown with a posse of new media students for a project with Johnnic. Was quite a geekfest, these guys are geniuses, moblogging straight to their blogs, checking out text […]

Ananzi shut down their blog

This is interesting….   

Reader power records snowfall in (usually sunny) Africa

How often does it snow at the tip of sunny Africa? Well, not very often. In fact according to Sapa comparable widespread snow across South Africa has only been recorded twice in the past 20 years, in 1981 and 1988. The country, which usually bakes under the African sun, has been bristling under freezing temperatures […]

One million SA broadband users by 2009?

At KUGM Online Marketing conference in Rosebank Rudolph Muller from that excellent South African website, My Adsl, reckons there will be one-million broadbrand connections by 2009. It’s a figure way over the predictions we are used to hearing. Arthur Goldstuck reckons there will be 277 000 broadband users by the end of 2006, which is […]

SA's online media space

At KUGM Online Marketing conference in Rosebank Russell Hanly, Chief Executive of the new, gave us a brief overview of the new structure … and then talked about the South African online media landscape. He emphasised that marketers should focus on domestic/South African readership rather than the total overseas readership, as this is […]