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Israel-Lebanon conflict

How about this for a front cover on the Middle East Crisis? With thanks to

Interesting people in NYC

While in New York I briefly met a few people involved in the online industry in my last few days there. I met some interesting people like Michael Sharon, formerly from South Africa and no relation to Ariel, who is creating a mobile-related social networking service. I met him via the Geeklist and went to […]

Reality can go to hell (1)

After two weeks in the States and the madness of New York, Florida is where we planned to have the holiday part of our holiday. Fort Lauderdale is flat and full of pastel colours. It’s pretty tacky and kitsch, but lots of fun. Reminded me of a combination of East London, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein […]

IIE/Goldman Sachs Global Leaders

At the International Institute of Education’s (IIE) Global Leaders event yesterday in New York, sponsored by Goldman Sachs, we addressed about 50 or so university students, handpicked as achievers from all around the world — including one student that had already sold his online business to a big corporate for millions. I’ll probably be working […]

Newspapers will not die, ever

Listen up. Newspapers are NOT going to die or be “replaced” — not ever. Had an interesting pow wow with Ben Hammersely, “special prototypes guy” (his title) at the Guardian Unlimited. We shared the panel at the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Conference. The conference took place in the 40/50/60 storey, green tinted mirror skyscraper that […]

Craig of Craigslist

Met Craig of Craigslist, that awesome, minimalist classifieds site started in the US. We were at a cocktail party lastnight in a rather nice Manhattan penthouse suite, near Union Square. Also finally met Mary McBride, the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders organiser who was putting the event on… Craig is an affable, quirky guy with a […]

The People Formerly Known as the Audience

Read this good summary by Jay Rosen on his Press Think blog about how the media is changing and how patterns of media consumption is changing. I think however the article is too quick to condemn big media. This is not about the death of “big” media or changing “big” media, its about the rise […]

Changing media's battlefield

Ok play is over. Need to do some business here. Conference is tomorrow where I’ll be chatting about online journalism vs traditional journalism. This is often how today’s changing media world is portrayed: 1. online journ VS print journ; online newspapers VS newspapers ; traditional media VS digital media then 2. online + print (Mainstream […]

Soccer in NYC

Me watching soccer world cup final in a pub yesterday in Greenwich, Manhattan If New York is anything to go by, then Americans love soccer. The sport is much bigger than I expected it would be. In fact this world cup i suspect may have been something of a watershed for the sport here and […]

Sore feet

Bridge in Central Park Bridge and I were walking just behind Ethan Hawke outside the MTV studios on Times Square, yesterday. It was weird to see someone you see on the big screen in real life. I thought he’d have at least ten bodyguards, but he was with a small, short brunette who was getting […]

Believe in the Berliner

Now the NY Times is a great newspaper. For buck a day (I’m talkin’ like a New Yorker now) its awesome value and i’ve bought it every day while here. It’s in the Berliner format — and it is by far the dominant newspaper here. SA’s broadasheets should consider converting — a broadsheet is just […]

Cos she's an uptown girl

Sorry to inflict you with a picture of myself… but this is me outside Times Square Yeah… today, Tuesday, we headed off to midtown Manhattan towards the central park area. Central Park is huge — bigger than the “country” of Monaco. We drove past apartments owned by movie stars like Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Seinfeld […]

The thing about New York

Sign from a building, overlooking the Ground Zero site site. Democracy and free speech at work. What can I say: this place is amazing. This is Rome, Centre of the modern world. Wireless internet is plentiful, laptops are cheap. I’m loving my daily read of the New York Times. There are some big amazing buildings […]

We're going downtown

We’re staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown New York in a Manhattan suburb called Tribeca (bordered by Soho and Greenwich Village). It’s one of the suburbs close to the 9/11 WTC attack, which has suffered in recent years, but now appears to be undergoing a revival. Yesterday, despite being jetlagged, we did a trek […]

On my way to New York

At the airport about to take off for our flight to New York. Am going to the US to participate in the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Programme where I will be on a panel talking about new media and online journalism and how the discipline of journalism is changing in general as the digital age […]