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Exclusive – Hot new local tech launch: The TwitterStick

Well, not that exclusive actually. This dates back to May, but Brendan Jack (of MTV Footskating fame) just brought this to my attention via his blog, starring the brilliant Rob Van Vuuren and his Hot New Tech Launch: The TwitterStick. LOL. They’re looking for an angel investor. I know you want it Vinny.

Matthew 1, Hackers 0

UPDATE: Here is a good plugin to help you change and manage your wp-admin blog details. Also see this useful blog post “11 Vital Tips and Hacks to Protect Your WordPress Admin Area“. So my site was hacked. What a frustrating experience. I had to live with that rather melodramatic Google malware message splashed across […]

District 9: Spaceships over Soweto

I, like any normal, rational person, thought that this was a hoax. But it’s not. This is an upcoming movie about aliens landing in Johannesburg by local director Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson. There is obviously a strong metaphorical link to Apartheid and perhaps the recent Xenophobic violence in this country. It also shows that […]

Excessive Absa bank charges: a whopping R517.50 for reprinting statements

I’m gobsmacked. I recently requested copies of about 18 months-worth of bank statements for one of my accounts — and for this luxury Absa charged me… wait for it… a whopping R517.50. It’s a bond account, so we’re not talking about large volumes of statements here either. It translates roughly into about R32.00 a statement! […]

Zebra & Giraffe: Dig it

It’s a locally-produced song and music video by the band “Zebra & Giraffe”. I think the production and execution is world-class — and it’s a catchy song. The sole member of the band is Greg Carlin. I find it particularly amazing that Carlin plays all the instruments. (For the live performances he hires people to […]

Help Firefox set a world record

Firefox is a brilliant browser. It’s also fast. I discarded Internet Explorer (IE) about two years ago. It wasn’t an ideological decision, I wasn’t trying to make a point… it’s just that Firefox is a better browser. I still have IE7 on my laptop, but use it only for testing purposes. I find it slow […]

The Bolton Deventer Twitter experiment

“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one” – Albert Einstein “An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted” – Arthur Miller So let me start with this: People who are accusing me of being Bolton Deventer, know only half the truth. I don’t know who Bolton Deventer […]

Bolton Deventer 'reveal' to spice up local blog awards?

So Bolton Deventer, the spoof online marketer, has entered the upcoming local blog awards. The rather odd-looking Deventer, who runs the blog “Webtrafficmaker” is a fictional character, a clever and funny parody of an internet marketer from Ermelo, apparently created as a “major social experiment“. An entire persona was created, which included profiles on Facebook […]

Why you may need to change your email password, now

Now for something completely different: The web 2.0 world requires people to register accounts with logins and passwords these days. I am registered with so many of these services, some I use and some I don’t use, that I’ve lost track. Apparently, the typical internet user these days has upwards of 21 different accounts that […]

Mlogging: Definition attempt #1

Mlogging: (p. m’lŏgging); n. A Mlog: to write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog, that is part of formal media, and edited by a media worker, often by an editor. As much as I hate new definitions (web 3.0, anyone?), we need new words to describe new features of the online and […]

TechCrunch, Mashable, Techmeme & Wired sends the linklove

I’ve been watching my servers groan and moan as my blog has been featured on the homepages of Techcrunch, Mashable, and Techmeme today — all sites that I am a big fan of and I read regularly. My favourite magazine Wired, then also blogged about it here. They are linking to the post I wrote […]

Mashable weighs in on latest Jimmy Wales comments

Noticed that Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins of Mashable, ranked the 7th biggest blog in the world by Technorati picked up on my Jimmy Wales post, which is cool! Mashable reckons Wales may be gunning for a “Socialpedia” of sorts (Wikipedia + Profiles = Socialpedia). Hope my servers handle 😛 My post speculated on whether the Wikipedia […]

Congratulations to the Bokke!!

The M&G Online got behind the Springboks for the Coupe du Monde against England. We changed our masthead for the weekend (and now we don’t want to take it down). Congratulations for an awesome win. The whole country is behind you!!

Unlocking the Bolton Deventer riddle… close but no cigar

Hmmmm, I thought I had my eureka moment on the Bolton Deventer riddle after a bit of sleuthing work this weekend. I was checking the source code of Deventer’s blog to see if the person behind the persona had slipped up and was using the identical Google analytics code profile (indicated in the source by […]

Bolton Deventer riddle: Closer to home than I think?

Had one of the truly more bizarre discussions today with a colleague of mine, Vincent Maher. I blatently accused him of being the person behind Bolton Deventer — the strange-looking “web marketer” who runs a cheesy blog, who also seems to worship the God of Nelspruit internet Guy McClaren. Vincent/Bolton flatly deny this. But I’ve […]

Excuse me, there's a hole in this plane

On the way back from Port Elizabeth to Jo’burg on Wednesday evening, I took this shot with my cellphone of a very disturbing looking wall panel inside the plane, right where I was sitting. A gaping hole in the plane wall is not good, especially at 1 000 feet in the air. My question of […]

John Robbie a Mampara?

I was surprised to see 702 morning presenter John Robbie named the

So now you know

Navel lint: From Wikipedia: Navel lint, or more commonly belly button lint or navel fluff, is an accumulation of fluffy fibres in one’s navel. Many people find that, at the beginning and end of the day, a small lump of fluff has appeared in the navel cavity. The reasons for this have been the subject […]

Believe in the Berliner

Now the NY Times is a great newspaper. For buck a day (I’m talkin’ like a New Yorker now) its awesome value and i’ve bought it every day while here. It’s in the Berliner format — and it is by far the dominant newspaper here. SA’s broadasheets should consider converting — a broadsheet is just […]

Why The Weekender will succeed

The Weekender is an excellent newspaper and a clever initiative by BDFM and Johncom. That it is going to succeed is obvious. I buy it every Saturday and spent a good fat hour or two on it. The articles are well-written and interesting. Here are reasons why I think it will succeed….