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Facebook, the Web 2.0 killer

Also on Thought Leader The existence of Facebook, the smash-hit social-networking site, may unwittingly kill off a host of other Web 2.0 start-ups. This is mainly because of Facebook’s inclusive and all-encompassing nature. The site appears to be blogging (lite), Twittering (short blogging), multiplayer gaming (simple games), dating, social networking, online photo management and even […] From Google ads to gushy fan blog

Recently I pointed out that the international hit social networking site Facebook didn’t own its South African domain, I thought this was strange considering South Africa is purportedly the sixth biggest country on Facebook by registered user numbers. The owner of the domain is a South African, from Cape Town. And I also […]

Guess who owns Not Facebook.

It looks like Facebook doesn’t own, its South African domain? I’m surmising this from the fact that: 1. it appears from the registration data that the owner of lives in Cape Town. 2. it may be that the domain was registered on behalf of Facebook by the local, but I have my […]