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My daughter tried to upload herself

This evening, to my great irritation, a little message kept popping up on my screen. I looked down and there was my baby daughter giving the USB cord for my phone, which was still plugged into my laptop, a great big suck. As you can imagine, I whipped it out of her hands at the […]

I love strepsils

I’ve had a good run. It’s been three years, but finally the winter got me. A combine harvester just drove through my throat, attached a trailer, then drove back out again. What this means, is that are my friend.

My day today

1. Email at M&G was down for the whole day. Yes, the whole day. It’s still down. It’s the second time it has happened. If you have any emails for me, please fax them and then I’ll courier the replies back to you. 2. Whilst driving through Melville this afternoon there was a power failure. […]

The bad chicken blog post

The chicken Bridget roasted last night had a funny smell. Even though the sell by date said “25 April”, we were hungry, the cricket was going badly and it was late. So we cooked it. We ate it. It just didn’t taste right, but I plowed on. This could be my last post. There was […]

The Cricket World Cup Y.A.W.N.

Is it me or is this Cricket World Cup a bit less exciting than doing my toenails. Why don’t they play two matches per day in the Super Eights? Why don’t they make the group stages shorter? Why was there such a long build up? Why don’t the play games more frequently (ie like other […]

BEE – A truly South African advert

If you haven’t seen this clever little Ford Bakkie ad yet, then watch it. Hilarious. Funniest I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Of mice and men

This afternoon, on his way to help the news editor with the daily podcast, laptop in hand, Vincent strolled by my desk. He said he was “taking his mouse for a walk”. I know the stress gets to us all in this goddam job. in particular has taken a lot out of us. But […]

MK89, eish flippen fokof good

I don’t know what is about MK89 on DSTV. But it is brilliant and addictive. My van is nie Boekland nie, dis Buckland en ek is net amper ‘n rooinek. But Bridge and I are addicted to it and have started to get into Afrikaans music (yes, even Deleray Deleray). English artists are featured there […]

Identity theft???

Got this mail today, via this blog:    On 8/28/06, matt <> wrote: > > From……: matt > Email…..: > Url…….: > > …………………………………………………. > Subject…: you stole my name > …………………………………………………. > > you are a gay you dstoll my name so change your name or ill stab your eyes out > […]


I digress. Now everyone who’s been to our house know that we have the faultiest, craziest dog known to man. Edie is adoreable but has way too much excess energy. This apparently is common to the Weimaraner breed. So I guess its extra bad luck if your energetic, A-type Weimaraner has an energetic, A-type personality to […]

Sony Ericsson M600i

I want it.

Geek out

Had new media gurus Vincent Maher and Colin Daniels over for supper at our place in Linden on Sunday Night who were up from Rhodes in Grahamstown with a posse of new media students for a project with Johnnic. Was quite a geekfest, these guys are geniuses, moblogging straight to their blogs, checking out text […]