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New pastures, new startup

I’ve resigned as Head of 20FourLabs to focus on building a new Cape Town and Joburg-based startup. I joined in 2008 from the Mail & Guardian Online, initially as the GM of Publishing and then went on to set up Labs. I’m going to miss and the Labrats. My resignation is as a […]

The Hub: Social networking on a publishing platform

The Hub, a key 20FourLabs project, changes everything. To some extent, it’s the realisation of of these thoughts I had in 2007 that all websites, all businesses, and in fact all things are social networks. It’s an obvious point in many ways, but then again not so obvious in others. Wrapped up in the Hub […]

Mobile strategy for publishers

Here’s an edited presentation I did a while ago on mobile strategy at If you’re not a handset maker, a mobile operator or MXIT, then you face some tough challenges in the mobile web environment. The business environment of the mobile web is dominated by a few proprietary players and is not open season […]

Announcing 20FourLabs

We’ve launched a new division @, called 20FourLabs. The word “labs” has become synonymous with innovation ever since Google established its world-famous Google Labs. So this is where we’re drawing inspiration from, because we love Google. So far 20FourLabs consists of about 27 very talented web people with a desire to take over the […]

News24 iPhone app now live

The News24 iPhone app is now live and ready for download in the iTunes app store. It’s a project that has been in development for a while, and driven by Stefano Sessa here at mobile. Please download it, check it out and tell us what you think.

Musings: The blogs revamp

Here are some designs and thoughts around the new look blog platform. The designs are by Philip Langley, with Alistair Fairweather in the driving seat. Our musings: 1. Less, more individual blogger. More blog-like 🙂 2. More viral, using contact and social network mining. Help bloggers build audience. 3. Rigid templates for best […]

The Top 100: Traditional media losing out to people power

Here is a list of the top 100 sites from Alexa. Today, I count three traditional media sites (BBC, CNN and NY Times — just squeaking in at number 100). The web of five years ago would have shown a different picture all together. It begs the question: Will there be any traditional media sites […]

Where they're clicking: Heat map of homepage

Below is a heatmap of the homepage, as analysed by Tim Gregory who is production manager at He ran the page through Click Density, with some interesting results…

So, yes, I’m off to and moving southwards, down to Cape Town. I’ll be officially joining in September as the “GM of Publishing and Social Media” for the operation. It’s something I’m really looking forward to. The numerous sites rake in a combined local and international readership of around 3,5-million monthly users and […]