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I’ve stopped publishing on this blog

…but I am keeping it like it is, like a kind of internet museum of the early 2000s. You can find occasional articles I write (mostly on tech, startups & entrepreneurship): BusinessDay (Paywalled) Ventureburn Medium Contact or follow me on: @matthewbuckland

Sports, celebrities, politics & recession top Google trends list

The local Google branch, this side of Africa, have certainly been very communicative. And this time they’re giving us insight into the country’s Zeitgeist. As part of its year-end Zeitgeist trends results, which monitors search trends around the world, Google has released results of what South Africans have been searching for this year in the […]

The model social media consultant

Just when the web was starting to get boring: Along came Nadia van der Merwe. Nadia’s video proclaiming herself to be a lingerie model-come-social media rockstar instantly went viral. It was a funny video, but also well put together. The world is a cynical place, and you’ll find cynicism with an extra bit of nastiness […]

How tagging enhances SEO: An example

Here is a perfect example of how a comprehensive semantic tagging strategy can add to a site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Just did a search on Wikipedia and Mail & Guardian — the site I used to run back in the 50s :-). The results were interesting. Instead of the Wikipedia entry showing up as […]

DA's online presence disappoints

I had high hopes for SA’s political parties and their use of the web. In an interview with Sapa on IOL my colleagues didn’t share my optimism. In an Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) presentation in Pretoria this year, I urged political parties to take online seriously and demonstrated the Barack Obama website’s innovative use of […]

Sequoia Capital on startups and the economic downturn

This presentation from famous Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm, Sequoia Capital, is a must-see. It explains the effects of the economic downturn on venture capital and internet startups. The news obviously isn’t good, as investors will shun typically risky online startups, unless they are entities that can turn faster, if not immediate, profits. There‚Äôs quite […]

ANC hits the campaign trail on Facebook

Looks like the country’s biggest party is eyeing the social media scene as a campaign ground. The ANC has a Facebook profile called “Anc Campaign” that is rapidly attracting friends. From a cursory glance it appears to be legit, but there have been so many spoof Facebook profiles, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. […]

Media2.egO *

Did this basic presentation at the “Advancing Web 2.0 for traditional media” conference at the Wanderers in Johannesburg (Seff Efrika), organised by Classic Events. They pulled in quite a crowd — in fact by far one of the largest I’ve been to on this subject matter in this country. That’s pretty good news for the […]

Leaving on a high note

It’s probably been the worst kept secret in the industry, but now that it is out on Bizcommunity there is no point in not going public. I can confirm that after 8 years I am leaving the Mail & Guardian Online to pursue another opportunity. I feel that I’m leaving on a high note, with […]

M&G Online relaunch pics…

Lots of pizza and beer. Spot the mascot. Pics here.

Internet Solutions to create new VC fund for web innovation?

It looks like Internet Solutions (IS) may be creating some kind of incubator or venture capital fund to encourage local web innovation and startups. The details are sketchy at this stage, but it in fact looks like the new initiative will launch as soon as this month, possibly middle of the month, with the launch […]

Thought Leader named in international Webby Awards

Well, well, well, it seems to be the month of awards. The news came in lastnight that our very own political blog, Thought Leader, has been named a Webby Honoree at the 12th Annual Webby Awards, also known as the “Oscars of the internet”. Taking a quick look at the other sites that were also […]

Digg's new Arc is serious eye candy

Just noticed this latest widget from Digg, called the Arc. It’s a graphic representation, like their swarm, stack and BigSpy, of who is selecting what stories on Digg. Stories arrange themselves around a circle as users digg them. Stories with more diggs make thicker arcs. They also offer the Arc as a screensaver (clever). These […]

Snow in Joburg, as told by M&G Online readers

With very little soliciting (well, at the beginning) M&G Online readers began submitting their photos in droves to our news photo site, This morning we received more than 50 snow and sleet pictures documenting the extreme cold weather conditions in Johannesburg submitted by our readers. Since this morning, the gallery has had more than […] sneaks into the blogosphere

Ok there is no keeping any secrets on the blogosphere. Vincent and I are famous for being terrible at keeping things quiet. We threaten each other with violence, but it still doesn’t seem to work. We didn’t want to launch it with any fanfare or fuss because it is very raw and basic at the […]

Cape Town beckons for the WAN conference

At the airport with Riaan Wolmarans, Mail & Guardian Online editor and Bryan Khumalo, our online sales manager. Our online strategist Vincent Maher and his entourage are nowhere to be seen yet (better hurry :-)). We’re on our way to the WAN conference in Cape Town. It’s a pretty big, and important conference — and […]

The Quirky Bunch & the Master Baiter

Thought this witticism by Darren Ravens on the Quirk Marketing blog was clever: David Bullard: Master Baiter or just a Wanker?. Like Darren I also had that dirty, hollow feeling after each Bullard blog… and I strongly questioned at the time whether I should join the fray. And I stayed out of it until I […]

The Bullard cacophony

It is interesting to note that I first got wind of David Bullard’s column via the blogosphere as opposed to the Sunday Times website or the newspaper itself. The irony. Yes I know I am probably the last person in the blogosphere to blog about this, but I actually have a job! And I have […]

Digital age challenging the establishment

Read Duncan McLeod’s piece on his FM blog, “What the heck is going on?“. He sums up something I have been mulling for sometime but have been unable to articulate satisfactorily. The rise of digital communications and the information age (computers, cellphones, internet) is revolutionising society and putting more power into the hands of the […]

Reality check: Web 2.0 & blogging just 'digital narcissism'?

Here is a bit of a reality check on the web 2.0 frenzy. I’ve always thought the hype around web 2.0 reminded me a bit of the hype around the early days — which I, by the way, was very much a part of. It’s the reason why I am so revenue-driven when it […]